Bharti Automation

Having started up in 1997, Bharti Automation has been an active participant in the Test Automation, Calibration & Testing, and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) industries. Over the years we have developed, tested, manufactured and supplied a range of instruments which have proven to be quite successful and reliable in fields such as research & development, resource mining and manufacturing. Using our expertise in instrumentation, along with the smart cities movement, we have ventured into Internet of Things (IoT). We’re confident that with our learned and capable team of industry experts, we will make strong participants in the industry.

We have undertaken key projects which detail our vast experience, competence and reliability. We take great pride in our projects, such as one we undertook for the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) – Establishment of the first ever flow meter calibration laboratory in India, More for the Ministry of Defense, NTPC, Indian Spinal Injuries institute etc. Several of the products, we have had a chance to develop, have been produced for the first time ever in India, and are being used reliably by research teams across the country and overseas.

Our goal is to bring costs down by means of innovation, making accuracy more feasible, helping make efficiencies, and smart solutions, which would result in saved resources and will promote development of the future. Such is our ambition.

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