Energy Meter Calibration Services

Energy meters are the most important part of any electrical system. The revenue of the utilities is dependent on the measurement of the energy consumed. Accurate measurement is essential

Electro Technical Calibration

Calibration of Energy Meters CT/PT and Relays,Calibration of Digital Multi Meters Clamp Meters,Calibration of Transducers and Signal conditioners Circuit Breakers and Relays

Onsite Calibration of PT

We conduct onsite calibration of Current and Potential Transformers.
We calibrate relays and switchgear items also calibration of CT and PTs

Onsite Calibration and Testing of Current Transformers (CTs)

We calibrate relays and switchgear items also.
We have a facility of 100000 volts and 1000 Ampere supply for calibration of CT and PTs.
Current Transforme(CT),Primary Injection method