Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Calibration Interval One Time Requirement
Calibration Service Level Certificate with Uncertainties
Calibrated For End User
Number of Units 1
Application/Usage Industrial
Industry Type Manufacturer

We conduct onsite calibration of Current and Potential Transformers.
We calibrate relays and switchgear items also.
We have a facility of 100000 volts and 1000 Ampere supply for calibration of CT and PTs.
Current Transforme(CT)
Primary Injection method
Ratio Error
Phase Error
50 Hz
5 A to 2000 A (Primary)
1 A to 5A (Secondary)
Equipment used : Standard Current Transformers, High Current Sources, CT& PT Test Set
Potential Transforme(PT)
3.3 kV to 33 KV
3.3 kV/√3 to 33 kV/√3
63.5V / 110V
50V to 144 V
Potential Transformers, CVT
AC High Voltage
50 Hz
550V to 33 kV
High Voltage Divider / Probe,Voltage Source