Commercial Vehicle Monitoring Solution monitors the health of the vehicle, determines the root cause of the problem/failure and provides real time information of vehicle parameters like over used, over loaded, driving patterns, driver information, Routes taken, Real time tracking, fuel management and much more to assess its performance against benchmarks.


The remote monitoring system is the perfect solution for fleet owners and managers looking to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and remote monitor their fleets. The solution is a GPS based, fuel and performance monitoring solution that has a GPRS connection to upload all the data in real time.

  • Monitor the load
  • Know the total distance
  • Keep a tab on RPM/idling
  • Monitor the fuel levels
  • Driver identification system
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Import/export to Excel
  • Seamlessly integrate with SAP / ERP systems of client

Monitor Drivers and Increase Fuel Efficiency

Use driver monitoring (speeding, acceleration, harsh braking) and onboard diagnostics to reduce vehicle wear, operating and fuel costs. Reduce maintenance costs, equipment failures and help prevent theft by monitoring sensors and equipment logs.