Generic Requirements for Single

mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies

 GR-326 /  IEC 60794
Optical Fiber jumpers, Adapters, Hybrid Jumpers

& Hybrid Adapters,

Specification For Optical Fiber Jumper(FC- PC)

& Adapter (FC-PC)

GR/OFJ-01/04 MAR 2004
Specification For Optical Fiber Jumper

(Patch Cord & Pig Tails) & Hybrid Jumpers

 GR/OFJ-02/01 MAY 2004
Optical Fiber Splicing Machine GR/OSM-001/03: 2005
Specification For Environmental Testing

of Electronics Equipment for Transmission

and Switching Use(VSNL)

QM 333
Splice Closure for Optical Fiber Cables TEC/GR/TX/OJC-002/03 APR 2010
Fiber Termination and Distribution Box TEC/GR/TX/FTB-02/02/APR 2010