SEM1060 – Single Phase Smart Meter

SEM1060 series is a modular level Smart Meter offering based on Redcliffe pluggable communication device technology.  Metering Solution consistently delivers the power consumption and power quality data to gain visibility at the edge of the grid.

SPSMART 100 – Single Phase Meter

 SMSMART-100 can be programmed on Real time with the Display Parameters for the AUTO, PUSH and INFO Mode as and when required using Secured Authentication with a Hand held on Smart Meter.

TM 100 -Three Phase Smart Meter

TM100 series is a modular level Smart Meter based on Inesh pluggable communication device technology. Redcliffe Energy Metering Solution in a pluggable communication form factor enables the customer to choose the choice of communication option.

TP200 – Three Phase Smart Meter

The TM-200 Series Three Phase Smart Energy Meters are programmed with 1000 Impulses/kWh for kWh, kVAh and kVArh pulse outputs. With the TP-200 it is possible to use a control output for load control opportunities. After exceeding a predefined threshold an output contact can be closed (opened).

IEM 100 – Single Phase Smart AMR Meter

 Smart AMR Metering Solution with modularity in communication helps the customer to choose the communication media to his choice. A strong GPRS communication design from Redcliffe makes the meter Reliable and solid for AMR application.

Net Solar Meter – Single Phase

Net meter brings you the FUTURE solution of PLC (Power line communication) into reality. A complete flexibility to use any of the technology like GPRS, Zigbee and PLC is the ultimate of our solution.