Electricity boards in India now allow the common public to produce the free renewable energy and export to gird for a credit towards your energy cost.

Where in Net meter brings you the FUTURE solution of PLC (Power line communication) into reality. A complete flexibility to use any of the technology like GPRS, Zigbee and PLC is the ultimate of our solution.

  • Bi directional control
  • IS 13779/1999
  • Current 5-60 A
  • Operating Voltage: 70V to 265V
  • DLMS inbuilt confirming IS 15959
  • IS 13779/1999
  • Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
  • Apparent Power consumption is 10 VA
  • Remote load control – Integrated remote connect/disconnect (For Direct Connected Meters
  • Hormonics measurements for Voltage and Current from fundamental to 31st Hormonics

Communication Capabilities
The meter shall have data downloading facility to collect Instantaneous, alarm, overload, tamper, load survey, etc. through a hardware port which shall be used for remote access through suitable Modem (GPRS / GSM / EDGE / CDMA /PSTN / LPR) or HHU / CMRI.