Redcliffe Energy SEM1060 series is a modular level Smart Meter offering based on Redcliffe pluggable communication device technology.  Metering Solution consistently delivers the power consumption and power quality data to gain visibility at the edge of the grid.

  • Connection Type – Single Phase Two Wire
  • Accuracy Class 1.0 as per IS13779, IEC 62052-11/IEC 62053-21
  • Voltage Nominal: 240 V (L-N)
  • Operating: -40% to +20%
  • Current 5-30A, 10-60A
  • Power Factor Range Zero Lag – Unity – Zero Lead
  • Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
  • Starting Current 0.2% of Ib at VRef& Unity Power Factor
  • Power Consumption Voltage Circuit: 1.5 W / 8.0 VA; Current Circuit: 4.0 VA
  • Display LCD with back-light, 6 digit 7 segment display for parameters and icons for tamper indications
  • Communication Interfaces Optical port hardware compatible to IEC 62056-21 / IR / RS 232 Port Interface (PLC ,GPRS or LPR)

Broad Communications Support

SEM1060 family has been designed to allow for the interchangeability of AMR/AMI modules and cover the broadest range of possible AMI communication technologies including RF Mesh, Cellular, Power Line and Ethernet. Modules can be added at the site, or replaced with another compatible module on the field as the Smart Meter communication is inter operable regardless of Communication Media.