Bharti Automation Has a proven track record of developing test rigs for various applications.Nearly all major home appliance manufacturers in India are using test facilities developed by Bharti Automation in India.We have a state of art design centre in Delhi a prototype devlopment centre in Noida and Test and Assembly centre in Manesar.We have vast experience in development of Test Rigs for Automotive Industries also.We have Joint Ventres Partnership or Agreements with many Indian and International manufacturers to bridge the gap of the product ranges.We have our own team of software experts to build software programs for specific test application.We have exported testing rigs to various countries outside India and are running successfully.We have developed test rigs for various National and International standards.You jus name the standard and we shall be ready to guide you how to proceed for your test equpment requirment.

Test Rig Development
Testing Rigs Machines Assemblies
Water heater Geyser Performance Tester SASO
Air Compressor Test Rig
Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
Turbo Charger Test Bench
Thermal Conductivity Tester
Headlight Tester
Computerized Engine Test Bed
Refrigerator Performance Tester
Air Conditioner Performance Tester
Hose Test Rig
Helmet Tester
Spark Plug Tester
Folding Endurance Tester
Digital Spring Testing Machine