TEST PARAMETERS:1. Atmospheric pressure in mm. of Hg.2. Discharge pressure of compressor in Kg/cm²3. Stable absolute vacuum for exhauster in mm of Hg.4. Speed of expresser in RPM.5. Pressure at out let of LP/inlet of inter collar – Kg/cm² 6. Inter cooler pressure in Kg/cm²7. Crank vacuum in mm of Hg.8. Lube oil temp ºc9. Lube oil pressure in Kg/cm²10. Atmospheric temperature in – ºc11. Air temperature at inlet to LP- ºc12. Air temperature at outlet from LP- ºc13. Exhauster in take air temperature – ºc14. Air temperature at inlet to HP- ºc15. Air temperature at outlet for HP- ºc 16. Exhauster discharge temp in – ºc17. LP delivery Cap Temp – ºc18. HP delivery Cap temp – ºc19. Exhauster delivery cap temp – ºc20. Crank case body temp – ºc21. LP cylinder head temp – ºc mode.22. HP cylinder head temp – ºc23. Exhauster cylinder head temp.24. Voltage in volts. 25. Current in amp.26. Power in kilowatt.27. Bearing end temp – ºc28. Lube oil consumption in lit.min.29. Water Flow Rate.30. Water tube temperature