he bump test is also a useful vibration analysis technique to identify resonance frequencies in a machine’s structure. It requires bumping or hitting the machine structure when the machine is in “OFF” condition. This allows you to measure its natural frequencies. It tests the integrity & rigidity of the object under the simulation of Road Transport condition. This computerized machine is a versatile test equipment to carry out bump tests in accordance with various IS, MIL-810F, DIN, EN, ISO, IEC, DEF and ASTM standards.
Free Fall Type
Force Impact Type
Traditional Bump Test·
 Bump Test using Long Time Waveform
Commtest Bump Test·
Long Time Waveforms Explained
Measuring Long Time Waveforms
Acceleration – 3 g to 60 g·
Pulse duration – 3 ms to 18 ms·
Payload capacity – 1 kg to 1000 kg
Number of bumps – unlimited·
Bump rate – 60 to 180 bumps per minute.