Bed is a self-contained compact unit designed for easy installation and bench mounting. An eddy current dynamometer is used to load the engine. The dynamometer is provided with a manual control of the load. The test set is supplied with, as standard, a Robin engine which is a single cylinder, four stroke, spark ignited, air-cooled, side valve type of engine. This is a typical small engine commonly used in various industrial and domestic applications throughout the world.The engine and dynamometer are carried on a solid steel base plate resiliently mounted within a steel framework. Included within the framework are the fuel system, which incorporates a fuel tanks and valves, and the air induction system. The instrumentation and control panel are mounted on the front frame. An additional engine, four-stroke diesel engine is supplied and easily interchangeable with the standard engine to enable characteristics comparisons. This alternative engine is air-cooled single cylinder engine. FEATURES:

  • Self contained, compact and easily installed bench mounted unit.
  • Single cylinder air-cooled and interchangeable engines:
    a.     Four stroke gasoline engine (169 cc)
    b.     Four stroke diesel engine (219 cc)
  • Eddy Current Dynamometer and Controller
  • Fully instrumented for air and fuel flow, temperatures, speed and power.


  • Engine performance curve at full and partial load.
  • Engine efficiency and fuel consumption variation with speed and load.
  • Determination of the following engine parameters at different speed:

– Engine torque- Engine power- Volumetric fuel consumption- Specific fuel consumption- Air flow rate- Air-to-fuel ratio- Volumetric efficiency- Brake mean effective pressure (bmep)