Digital Spring Testing Machine is designed for conducting load-deflection test on spring or other material in tension or compression. It is a hand wheel operated machine which uses a strain gauge based load cell with microcontroller based digital load indicator with tare and peak hold features for highly stable and accurate force measurement system. The displacement is measured using standard accurate digital vernier scale. The spring testing machine is a useful instrument for testing of compression or tension springs at low affordable price. Features:

  • Hand wheel screw road arrangement operated spring testing machine to load exactly at any desired load or deflection.
  • Capacity from few grams to 5000KG using hand operated screw rod arrangement.
  • Digital reading of Load/Force with long term stability.
  • Digital reading of Displacement using accurate digital vernier scale.
  • Other applications – load/deflection testing of variety of material such as foam, rubber, cork, packing  material, and for application such as pull out force, actuation force measurement etc.
  • Standard models are available with 250mm, 500mm and 1000 mm spacing.
  • Other models with custom spacing and load rating can be provided