All hose tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM D-380.

TESTS:- 1. Destructive Type:

  • Burst test
  • Hold test

2. Non-Destructive Type:

  • Proof pressure test
  • Change in length test (elongationor contraction)
  • Change in outside diameter or circumference test
  • Warp test
  • Rise test
  • Twist test
  • Kink test

Volumetric expansion FEATURES:ü Ergonomic, safe and user-friendly designü Touch panel

  • Quick serial testing through preset test pressure
  • Low noise level
  • Suitable for various test mediums such as tap water, oil, an emulsion of both and many other liquids and gases.
  • Spacious test compartment; use of pallet is possible
  • Modular and flexible design makes it possible to choose a unit in accordance with your specific requirements

ü Each pump range is supplied with an electronic pressure transmitter for accurate measurement over the full test pressure rangeü Fully traceable material for all high-pressure parts and components