A turbo charged engine can be more powerful and efficient than a naturally aspirated engine because the turbine forces more air, and proportionately more fuel, into the combustion chamber than atmospheric pressure alone. Our Turbo test system has effectively automated the control of multiple control loops, saving days of multiple variable manual tweaking for each test. It can carry out contrast test of inlet & outlet air pressure difference of various turbochargers and read the values and is also matched with computer to process data, display on the computer, store & print test results and wave form curve and achieve dynamic test of various models turbochargers. APPLICATIONS:The system will be used for the following investigation and testing programs among others:• Manual and fully automated measurements of complete isentropic turbine and compressors maps including automated compressor surge detection• Bearing behavior validation with different oil conditions.• High temperature VTG investigation, high temperature creep testing.• Slow transient mass flow and pressure ratio variations, endurance test. TEST PARAMETERS:• Compressor air flow rate• Turbocharger speed• Compressor air inlet temperature and pressure• Compressor air outlet temperature and pressure• Turbine exhausts gas inlet/outlet temperature and pressure.