Service Details:
Industry Type Manufacturer
Testing Type Annealing Test
Conductor Type Aluminium
Application/Usage Generation Plant Cable
Cable Type Fibre Optic Cable
Technology Testing DWDM
Sampling Procedure On-Site Testing
Periodic Review Required Yes
Standard Certificate GR

All Ectrical Cable Testing as per IS 694/IS 7098/IS 1554/IEC 60227
The tests are

1)Annealing test

2)Tensile test

3)wrapping test

4)Conductor resistance

5)Thickness of insulation and sheath

6)Tensile strength and elongation at breakage of sheath

7)Loss of mass

8)Thermal ageing in air

9)Hot deformation test

10)Heat shock

11)IR constant & Volume resistivity

12)High voltage(water immersion and at room temperature)

13)Thermal Stability

14)Flammability test

15)Hot set

16)Shrinkage test

17)Cold bend test

18)cold impact test

19)water absorption test

20)Additional ageing test