Service Details:
Brand Bharti
Model BAPL-TMS-01

Transformers are very important plant assets and their health is crucial to the operation of the facility. Periodic inspections and tests are not always sufficient to identify developing issues. Oil analysis alone cannot cover many failure modes. Many transformer units installed at industrial plants have very unique and complex designs. TMS increases the reliability of distribution network. Transformer Health Monitoring System (TMS) is primarily health monitoring of the equipment that can acquire, process, analyze & communicates the critical parameters to centralize Data Center for analysis and visualization of wide spread Distribution Transformers and Power Transformer in Electrical NetworkNot only the conventional technical data, such as current, voltage, etc., but also other critical information such as moisture, oil temperature, oil level etc. of transformers, are required by the operators to ensure reliable power delivery and to assist the day-to-day decision making activities.Bharti Automation offers Online Transformer Health Monitoring Services.The services include deployment of the equipment on the transformer maintain the same and provide the following data online to the end user.  Apparent power Winding hot spot Moisture and bubbling Moisture in paper Moisture in barrier Dynamic loading Insulation aging Diagnostic alarms Prognostic alarms Health index Risk index Dissolved gas in oil
Moisture in oil Top oil temperature Bottom oil temperature Ambient temperature Cooling fan and pump status Load current Tap changer information (if equipped)
Benifits of Transformer Health Monitoring:

  • Reduced inspection and maintenance costs
  • Reduced failure-related repair or replacement costs
  • Reduced revenue losses due to lost plant production
  • Deferred capital costs due to load growth or equipment age and condition
  • Improved confidence and security for dynamic transformer overloading performance
  • Detects incipient faults and assists in preventing failures and unplanned outages
  • Enables the condition based maintenance
  • Provides monitoring and diagnostic for all vital transformer parts by integrating the available sensors and supporting various IED communication protocols
  • Built-in models for transformer condition assessment (bushings, thermal model, insulation ageing, cooling efficiency, OLTC)
Additional Information:
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